FPM Play

FPM Play #32: Edge of Tomorrow Review

June 27, 2014

Summary: As quickly as Season 3 arrived it will be over.  We are retooling the show as part of that we will be making some changes to the season and episode number format.

In this episode we throw a list of topics up on the new show board and work our way through the list.

Show Notes | (CHNL)
♦  Introductions
♦  [01:40]New FPM Play: We give a sneak peak at upcoming changes

Check It Out - HeroesCon 2014
♦  [07:35] Justin Peterson
♦  [11:39] Joey Weiser

Review of the Week
♦  [15:59] Edge of Tomorrow

Can't Wait
♦  [38:00] Disney Infinity 2.0 (Release Date: 09/23/14)

Check It Out - World Cup Soccer
♦  [44:48] Team USA escapes group play

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