FPM Play

FPM Play #26: Minecraft

May 28, 2013

Guest Co-Host:Lexy (11)

Summary: We invited Lexy to join us as a co-host on this episode. This is actually Lexy’s second appearance on the show and hopefully will not be her last.

In this episode we cover movies, books, video games and end with a review of Minecraft. Special thanks to FPM Play Super Fan Brandon for sending in his feedback on Minecraft!

Show Notes | (CHNL)
♦  Introductions

Interview of the Week
♦  [01:57] Lexy

Check It Out
♦  [05:08] Jacob: Inspector Gadget Biggest Caper Ever
♦  [07:55] Lexy: Prisoner B3087
♦  [11:49] Andres: Flow (iOS) (Android)

Can't Wait
♦  [14:07] Lexy: Finding Dory
♦  [17:57] Jacob: Despicable Me 2
♦  [21:09] Andres: Star Trek Into Darkness

Review of the Week
♦  [24:31] Minecraft

If you would like to participate on the show as a co-host just send an email to us at feedback@fpmplay.com!