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FPM Play #48 - Boxtrolls Review

September 30, 2014

Guest Co-Host: Mason (8)

Summary: Back to our bread and butter: Movie reviews!  We are joined for the first time by our friend Mason for a round of FPM Play Trivia and our review of Boxtrolls.

Show Notes | (CHNL)
♦  Introductions

FPM Play Trivia [01:26]
♦  [02:30] Question 1: The most popular movie this summer Guardians of the Galaxy just announced its bluray release date. What month will we that be?
♦  [03:44] Question 2: Marvel's Agents of SHIELD returned last week for its second season. In the episode there was an Easter egg showing what Marvel universe only country?
♦  [05:29] Question 3: Boxtrolls is made by production studio Laika using stop motion animation. What other stop motion animation movie was made by Laika?

Review of the Week - Boxtrolls [06:26]
♦  [07:21] Trailer
♦  [09:50] General Thoughts
♦  [17:45] (Spoilers) One Good Thing, One Bad Thing

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