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FPM Play #45: End of Summer - Joey Weiser Interview

August 26, 2014

Guest Co-Host: Kira (10)

Summary: It's the end of summer and time to go back to school. The FPM Play crew along with guest co-host Kira reflect on the summer that was, discuss the first day of school and interview Joey Weiser author and illustrator of our new favorite graphic novels series Mermin Books 1-3.  The books are phenomenal and definitely get the FPM Play Quality Seal of Approval.  Seriously, go buy books 1 and 2 and pre-order book 3.

Show Notes | (CHNL)
♦  Introductions

FPM Play Trivia [03:35]
♦  [04:28] Question 1: What was the highest grossing movie of the summer?
♦  [05:35] Question 2: Americans eat about 7 billion hot dogs over the summer season from Memorial Day to Labor Day with 4th of July being the busiest..  How many hot dogs do Americans eat on this weekend?
♦  [07:50] Question 3: How many students went back to school today over all the schools in our county?

30 Seconds of Dance [09:41]

Summer Favorites [10:25]
We discuss our favorite movies, songs and summer memory.
♦  [10:45] Logan: Transformers 4, Shell Shocked
♦  [12:04] Jacob: Guardians of the Galaxy, Rude, Camp Thunderbird
♦  [16:50] Kira: Transformers 4, Down for What, Carowinds

Interview of the Week [25:52]
♦  Joey Weiser - writer, illustrator of Mermin

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