FPM Play

FPM Play #42: Guardians of the Galaxy Review

August 6, 2014

Guest Co-Host: Dantz (8)

Summary: The movie that FPM Play has been waiting for has finally arrived!  We are joined by guest host Dantz for FPM Play Trivia, Grudge Match and our Review of the Week.  Oh yeah, Logan's back.

Show Notes | (CHNL)
♦  Introductions

FPM Play Trivia [01:10]
♦  [01:30] Question 1: How many Infinity Stones are there?
♦  [03:40] Question 2: What alien race is Ronan a member of?
♦  [05:35] Question 3: Which one of these GOTG movie characters was a member of the original GOTG team?

Grudge Match: Rocket & Groot vs. Han Solo & Chewbacca [07:09]
♦  [08:09] Round 1: Style
♦  [10:38] Round 2: Fighting Ability
♦  [14:01] Round 3: Teamwork

Review of the Week - Guardians of the Galaxy
♦  [15:03] General Thoughts
♦  [19:40] (Spoilers) One Good Thing, One Bad Thing

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