FPM Play

FPM Play #36: Transformers Age of Extinction

July 20, 2014

Guest Co-Hosts: Logan (8), Elias (7), Manny (11)

Summary: The FPM Play crew reviews the latest Transformers movie with guest hosts Manny and Elias. We are also joined by Logan for the first time as we tackle FPM Play Trivia and hand out new Frenemies.

Show Notes | (CHNL)
♦  Introductions

FPM Play Trivia
♦  [02:12] Question 1: Who was the first Transformer to ever appear on the original TV series?
♦  [03:02] Question 2: What was the name of the original Transformers cartoon in Japan?
♦  [04:45] Question 3: Which Transformer has had the same voice actor for the original TV show, the animated movie and the live action movies?
♦  [05:20] Bonus Question: What is the name of the Transformers home planet?

♦  [08:02] Logan: Sharks
♦  [09:11] Jacob: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
♦  [09:36] Andres: Transformers Movies

Review of the Week
♦  [10:21] Transformers Age of Extinction

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