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FPM Play #11: Skylanders Alex Ness Interview

August 4, 2012

Summary: Our Skylanders interview with Alex Ness is here! Alex works at Toys for Bob, the studio responsible for creating Skylanders Spyro's Adventure. Alex's official title is Chief of Staff but he wears many hats such as writer, voice actor and all around cool guy. We originally thought the interview would be about 20 minutes but we were able to talk for 45 minutes! We touch a little bit on everything including the first Skylanders game, sidekicks and Skylanders Giants. ANNOUNCEMENT: Listen all the way to end to find out how to enter our Skylanders Contest. You could win a brand new Skylander!

Show Notes | (CHNL)
♦  [02:15] Contest Tease

Interview of the Week [04:12]
♦  Alex Ness

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