FPM Play #02: Avengers Preview

May 3, 2012

Summary: Jacob and I get ready for The Avengers by breaking down the most recent Avengers trailer.  We watch the trailer and pause it along the way to discuss what we are seeing and how that will tie into the full Avengers movie.

Link to the trailer: The Avengers Trailer #2

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  • Niti Bali

    This was a great discussion and I love the idea of these pod casts! I wish I knew of something like this earlier so I could have recorded the funny conversations I had with the kids when I was home all the time with Meenakshi, Kavi and the boys. It is such a wonderful way to document your time with your son Tato and something I am sure you will both look back on often as he grows up. We will be tuning in regularly! Thanks for sharing this with us. I am totally in support of the discussions you are encouraging on this show. It is so important to see where the kids today are coming from and for them to also be heard and redirected towards a more experienced and positive perspective when necessary.

    YOU ROCK! Love, Niti

    May 3, 2012 at 8:01 am